Youth Community Service Award

The Waterloo Chamber of Commerce invites you to nominate a young person for the Youth Community Service Award, which will be presented at the evening concert during the Military Heritage Day celebration on Sunday, June 10, at the Monroe County Courthouse bandstand.

All nominees will be reviewed, with the winning youth selected by a committee. The deadline for applications is May 21. Please email or mail the completed application to: Waterloo Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box #1, Waterloo, IL. Email: You may also complete the application below. Download Youth Community Service Award Nomination Form »

The following represents the criteria for the award:

  • Nominee must be a youth enrolled in junior high or high school
  • Nominee must be a resident within the Waterloo School District (Note: Includes home schooled & private schooled students)
  • Nominations should come from non-relatives of the nominee

Download Youth Community Service Award Nomination Information »

Youth Community Service Award
Please describe the nominee’s involvement in community service work and/or volunteer groups in which he/she has actively participated in during the past year. How many hours has this person volunteered and what specifically does he/she do? How do you feel his/her contributions benefit our community? (Attach additional paper if more room is needed. Please be sure to note the amount of time/number of hours worked, and explain the type of service.)