Three State-Level Issues

The Waterloo Chamber of Commerce, upon the recommendation of the Advocacy Committee, and with the approval of the Board of Directors, is officially supporting the following three state-level issues:

  • “Yes for Independent Maps” and the Illinois Independent Redistricting Amendment. We support the collection of signatures from the citizens within the state of Illinois to support a referendum to be added to the General Election Ballot (on November 4, 2014) to allow the Illinois voters to vote on the redistricting amendment.

To show our support, we will have a petition available at the Chamber office and at our Chamber membership meeting for our members’ consideration. We will also officially voice our support at the IL Chamber level.

  • Resolution to urge the IL General Assembly and the Governor to enact workers’ compensation reforms. We are urging the Governor and the members of the Illinois General Assembly to quickly act to enact changes to the state’s workers’ compensation statutes to include the following elements:
    1. Requiring the workplace to be a “major contributing” cause of injury for the injury to be compensable under the Workers’ Compensation Act;
    2. Reversing Will County Forest Preserve to restore a shoulder injury as an arm injury and providing credits to employers for prior injuries to the “body as a whole”;
    3. Defining when a “traveling employee” is within the scope of “arising out of and in the course of” employment;
    4. Stopping the abuses caused by the calculation of an injured worker’s average weekly wage; and
    5. Stopping temporary benefits to workers who commit work-related crimes.


  • Resolution to Oppose a Graduated/Progressive Income Tax for IL. We believe that Illinois’ fiscal policy and tax laws should actively promote economic growth in IL by encouraging increased capital investment, productivity, and the creation of new job opportunities for the citizens of Illinois. As such, we are opposing a constitutional amendment to authorize a graduated income tax in Illinois.