MindsEye Podcast Opportunity for Waterloo Chamber of Commerce Members

MindsEye Podcast Opportunity

For Waterloo Chamber of Commerce Members

What: An opportunity for your business or organization to create a 1-2 minute podcast for MindsEye radio.

What is MindsEye radio? MindsEye is a radio station located on the grounds of Our Lady of the Snows Shrine in Belleville, IL and is a virtual newsstand for the visually impaired. They reach 12,000 listeners within a 75-mile radius. They read newspapers, magazines, etc. on their radio station for those who aren’t able to read them on their own.

Podcast Information: The Podcast must be informative, educational, and general, not a sales pitch or infomercial for your business or organization. It must be beneficial to the listeners.

Each business or organization will record their podcast at the MindsEye studio. MindsEye will professionally edit the podcast, and will play the podcast once on their station. They will then post the podcast on their website until another recording from a Waterloo Chamber of Commerce member replaces it. (2-4 weeks). In addition, MindsEye will send a copy of the podcast to you for you to post on your website, through social media, etc.

Each podcast will either begin or end with the message that this podcast is brought to you by the Waterloo Chamber of Commerce.

Cost: $25, payable directly to MindsEye

If your business or organization would like to be considered for this amazing opportunity, please send your podcast topic to the Waterloo Chamber at Chamber@htc.net. Once it is approved by MindsEye, we will coordinate a time for you to record your podcast.