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You may complete the application below or download a form and mail it in here.

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Your Chamber Membership investment provides you with one designated chamber member. If you would like to have additional chamber members within your organization, please add $75 for each additional person to your annual membership investment. Thank you!

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Membership Dues Schedule

Business individual (who's company employs)
* An individual membership rate is based on the ‘Full-Time Employee Equivalency’
of your business. A standard, full time employee works 2000 hours per year. To
determine full time employee equivalent of part time employees, divide total annual
labor hours of your employees by 2000.

** When joining Chamber, you can add additional employees for membership in
Chamber under your own membership for the stated rate.

*** Friends can be retired business owners who want to stay active in Chamber,
or individuals who want to belong to Chamber but don’t fit into one of the
membership categories.